About Bamboodlers



Bamboodlers disposable wooden cutlery are a 100% All-Natural, BPA-Free, Eco-Friendly, Biodegradable, Compostable, and Renewable alternative to disposable plastic utensils.


➤ DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER - but so is plastic! Plastic pollution can unfavourably affect lands, waterways, oceans and pose a dangerous threat to living organisms. Choose Bamboodlers disposable wooden cutlery to help protect the Earth from plastic pollution and preserve its awesomeness for generations to come.

➤ PACK IT, USE IT, LEAVE IT! - although we strongly condemn littering, with Bamboodlers disposable wooden cutlery, you will have peace of mind on those days when, for some reason, you leave behind your disposable utensils. Because unlike plastic, Bamboodlers will eventually decompose and become food for Earth's other awesome creatures.

➤ BAMBOODLERIFFIC! - okay, so you're not a tree hugger, but Bamboodlers just look so awesome! Seriously. Look at them!

➤ BE THE FIRST! - Sooner or later everyone will throw an awesome party with Bamboodlers, those cool wooden utensils that they saw for the first time from a cool friend's party. That cool friend could be you!

➤ BE GREEN, BE “IN!" - Fortunately there is still hope for humanity because nowadays it's cool to be right. So complete the package by using Bamboodlers disposable wooden cutlery on your next food trip.

★ RESPONSIBLE FORESTRY! - All Bamboodlers disposable wooden cutlery are sourced exclusively from responsibly managed forests adhering to strict forestry guidelines. You can rest assured that with Bamboodlers, you are not harming the Earth with irresponsible forestry.


✓ ECO-FRIENDLYBamboodlers disposable wooden cutlery are 100% Disposable, Biodegradable, Compostable, and Renewable.

✓ BPA-FREE - Bamboodlers disposable wooden cutlery are 100% All-Natural, BPA-Free and does not contain any plastics or harmful chemicals.

✓ LOOKS AWESOME - Chic, Stylish, Modern, Cool, Cute  are just some of the words you will hear from others if you choose Bamboodlers disposable wooden cutlery for your next party, BBQ, picnic, gathering, wedding reception, camping trip, tailgating, hiking, nature walk, road trip, packed lunch, or snack.

✓ INSPIRING - Choosing Bamboodlers disposable wooden cutlery shows everyone that being environmentally responsible can also be cool, classy and trendy.

✓ CONVENIENT - Simply throw your Bamboodlers disposable wooden cutlery away after use and have the peace of mind you won't have with plastic utensils.


Bamboodlers Disposable Wooden Fork: 6.125 inches
Bamboodlers Disposable Wooden Spoon: 6.25 inches
Bamboodlers Disposable Wooden Knife: 6.5 inches